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Testing the H4H Affiliate Program

  1. Testing H4H Affiliate Program

Testing H4H Affiliate Program

In order to verify your H4H Affiliate Program works just as you configure it and fulfill all your needs, follow these steps to test its functionality.
This Chapter includes only basic steps to verify the proper work of the H4H AP. If you need additional information about affiliates account and features please refer to Chapter 5, Managing Affiliate Part .

Step 1: Configuration

The configuration of the H4H Affiliate Program is extremely important for proper work. Please, refer to Chapter 3 for detailed instructions.

Step 2: Creating account

To create an account in H4H Affiliate Program use an AP information box in the left column of your shop. Click 'Join Now!' reference in this information box. You will be redirected to the Affiliate Program agreement page. Accept the agreement and proceed to personal information page.

The personal information page requires entering the following information:

Primary e-mail - Main e-mail account which you will be contacted to;
Payee name - Payee contact name;
Payee address - Payee contact address, be sure to enter full address information including Street, State/Province, Country, Postal Code;
Payee phone - Payee contact phone;

Checkbox Check if Payee is the Contact person overwrites the contact information fields with payee information data.

Main contact name - your contact name;
Main contact address - your contact address, be sure to enter full address information including Street, State/Province, Country, Postal Code;
Main contact phone - your contact phone;

Web url - enter your site URL where you plan to place your affiliate links


This field is used when checking urls if 'Tie to URL' configure option is set to 'true' (For detailed information about this key please refer to Chapter 3, Configuration)

Radio Group 'Approximately how many links do you expect to make' - select the appropriate option that fulfills your plans
Checkbox 'Newsletter' - check this box if you want to receive affiliate newsletters
Password - enter your account password which will be used to enter your account.
Confirmation - reenter your password to avoid mistakes
Operating Agreement - check this checkbox to agree the operating agreement.

Press Continue button after entering information to proceed. You will see the success page or error message if you made some mistakes.

Step 3: Create affiliate links

To create an affiliate link you need to enter your affiliate account so-called Control-Panel. Use the 'Affiliate Log Into' box in the left column of affiliate page. Enter your e-mail address and password and click Sign-In button.


If you make a mistake you will be informed with the appropriate error message.

After entering your personal account scroll the page down and find the following text in the footer: Your link to refer customers to [Shop Name] [link]

Copy this link to clipboard or directly to your advertisement page. This is the easiest way to refer new customers to the shop. If you want to create a detailed link, link with image or a banner, refer to Chapter 5, Managing AP.

Step 4: Verify links

Use the link you've copied to clipboard at your advertisement page. Follow the link, register a new account at your shop and make a purchase.

Step 5: Process the order and verify commissions paid

Now Go to administration page of your shop, the orders page. Find the order you've placed and press Edit. Verify the order information to be sure it is referred order you've just made. Change the order status to one you've selected when the commissions must be paid (for more information about order status please refer to Chapter 3, Order status setup).
If everything was configured properly you will be informed about all the commissions paid after you change the order status by appropriate information messages at the top of the page.

In addition, Go to 'H4H Affiliate Program' then 'Affiliates' menu to check the balance of your affiliates.
(For more information about affiliates please refer to Chapter 5, Affiliates)

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